6th Grade Syllabus 2017/2018

published by Nicole Kent

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6th Grade Syllabus
Mrs. Stawara               2017/2018              [email protected]
Classroom Expectations
- Be on time and prepared for class. - Listen and follow directions the first time. - Treat everyone and everything with respect. - Participate in class discussions and activities. - Ask questions and be honest. - Bring your best attitude and put forth your best effort.
Hello, I am Mrs. Stawara! I am looking forward to an awesome school year with you! We will read, write, discuss, collaborate, explore, and laugh.  It is important to me that during our time together you feel safe, are challenged, learn new things, become more self-directed, share your ideas, be a part of a community, and most all, HAVE FUN!
Late Work
-Assignments are due at the beginning of the day unless otherwise noted. -You will receive four "Late Homework Passes" each marking period. -Once all of the passes have been used, or if they are lost, ALL late assignments will receive a zero from that point forward. -Late homework passes may be used up until one week before the end of the marking period.  Late homework will not be accepted after that. -If a "Late Homework Pass" goes unused, it is worth two extra credit points at the end of the marking period. -Grading late work is not a top priority, it will be graded once everything else has been.
What do I do if I am absent?
-When absent, visit the "extras" folder and collect your assignments for the given day to retrieve any homework/handouts. -You will be given the number of days you were absent to turn in missing assignments. -If you have questions or need help on an assignment, please ask me before or after class. -Tests can be made up before school or during lunch.
Planner/Hallway Passes
-Your planner must be filled out daily.   -Please use the bathroom, get a drink and/or visit your locker before you enter class. If you forget something, you'll need to use a pass.  -If you use all of your passes, but need to go out, you will be marked tardy.
Be Prepared!
Come to class prepared with all necessary materials. To ensure your success this year, you will need the following items:   - Chromebook; charged and charger - Pencils, pens, colored pencils, crayons - Planner, passes - A different folder for all 4 subjects - Composition Notebook - 2 Writing Notebooks - Silent Reading Book - Headphones (optional) - Scissors If you are able to contribute to the entire class: Kleenex, hand sanitizer, & disinfectant wipes would be great!  
Grading/ Content Covered
Extra Credit
I do not offer many opportunities for extra credit as most assignments will be available for revision for a designated amount of time based upon the assignment.  If/when extra credit is offered, it is encouraged to be completed by ALL students.
Academic Honesty, Discipline, Cell Phones, etc.
are covered in the student handbook and will be enforced in this class.
This section needs to be signed and returned by ________________________, 2017. Parent/Guardian Signature: _________________________________ Parent/Guardian Email: _____________________________ Phone Number: _______________________________ Preferred Method of Contact (circle one):           Phone                          Email Student Signature: _____________________________
Your grade for each subject will mainly consist of: - Homework - Papers/Projects - Tests/Quizzes - AR (Language Arts) - Warm-Up Novels read in class: - The Giver by Lois Lowry - Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls
I understand the policies listed above in this syllabus.