How to Learn Anything

published by betsy.lancy

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The First 20 Hours
"The major barrier to skill acquisition isn't intellectual... It's emotional."
[ Josh Kaufman ]
Deconstruct the Skill
Identify what you want to learn, and break it down into individual parts:
Tools or Materials Background Information Vocabulary Terms to Define Concepts to Master Skills to Practice
What are the top 3 most important things you need to know or be able to do in order to be successful?  
Step 1: Gather the resources about your topic (notes, books, articles, websites, or videos) Step 2: Learn enough to actually begin practicing Step 3: Pay attention to your mistakes, and figure out how to make adjustments for improvement  
Learn Enough to Self-Correct
Be open to making mistakes and learn from them!
Remove Practice Barriers
The more you can concentrate the better you’ll do on anything, because whatever talent you have, you can’t apply it if you are distracted.
Be intentional about removing distractions
Feeling stupid and incompetent is a common barrier to success. Commit to practicing long enough to reach mastery!
Set a Goal to Practice 20 Hours
Break Through The Frustration Barrier!
Keep a Growth Mindset and expect frustration
Make it a priority to sit down and actually focus on the task!
[ Daniel Goleman ]