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Minnesota Twins
Fast Facts About The Twinkies
7th in Runs
11th in Batting Average
11th in Slugging Percentage
5th in On-Base Percentage
Brief History
The team was founded in 1894 as the Kansas City Blues. The team moved to Washington D.C. in 1901.They were one of the eight original teams in the American League. In 1960 the league granted Minnesota an expansion team. The Washington Senators owner requested that his teamed be moved to Minnesota and Washington could have the expansion team. The league approved the move and in 1961 the team moved to Minnesota and became the Twins.
Team Traditions
Fans wave a Homer Hanky to rally the team during play-offs and other crucial games. The Homer Hanky was created by Terrie Robbins of the Star Tribune newspaper in the Twin Cities in 1987.
The team's locker room is usually filled with loud music, often the winning pitcher gets to pick the songs.
The club has several hazing rituals, such as requiring the most junior relief pitcher on the team to carry water and snacks to the bullpen in a brightly colored small child's backpack.
Franchise Records
Batting Average Kurt Suzuki (.288)
Home Runs Brian Dozier (23)
RBI Trevor Plouffe (80)
Wins Phil Hughes (16)
Saves Glen Perkins (34)
Strikeouts Phil Hughes (186)
2015 Prediction
Megan Landvatter
4th in the Central