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Pittsburgh Pirates
Fast Facts About The Bucs
Batting Average (.259)
On-Base Percentage (.330)
Slugging Percentage (.404)
Brief History
The Pittsburgh pirates were originally known as the Pittsburgh Alleghenys. Lou Bierbauer signed with the team after the Philadelphia Athletics forgot to add him to the reserve list. Philadelphia called Pittsburgh's actions "piratical." The nickname stuck and in 1912 they were officially named the Pirates.
MLB Firsts
First MLB game broadcast on the radio (August 5, 1921)
First World Series night game (October 13, 1971)
First MLB team to have 20 consecutive losing seasons
Season Leaders
Home Runs Andrew McCutchen (25)
Hits Andrew McCutchen (172)
Wins Edinson Volquez
Strikeouts Francisco Liriano (175)
2015 Prediction
3rd in the Central