published by Scott Haselwood

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Get Started
Download/Purchase Camtasia
Educator Pricing
Mac: $75
PC: $179
Toolkit: Keep the following links handy. They will provide invaluable support when creating engaging content for teaching and learning.
Camtasia Tutorials |
Noun Project |
Pixlr |
Kuler |
Incompetech |
Create a Screencast
Choose a website or application your students need to learn to use or navigate. Record a video of yourself providing a tour of the website, explaining its purpose and how to use it to accomplish class objectives.
Target Length: 5-12 minutes
Example Websites to Screencast:
Publish: upload your first video for students to…
… your school website.
… your YouTube channel.
Bonus XP: include catchy background music
At the end of a school week, record, edit, and publish an audio reflection of the learning and work students did in your classroom.
Target Length: 3-5 minutes
Bonus XP: ask a student to produce or co-produce
Record a Lesson Reflection
(1) an overview of the lesson, (2) the intended learning outcomes, (3) explain why it is an important lesson for students, (4) why it will be fun.
Record a video reflection of a lesson before and after a day of learning and include:
Target Length: 5-10 minutes
Bonus XP: Post student samples. Pixelate students’ names to keep it anonymous by using Evernote.
Record a Lesson (single camera)
Give students a heads up and record yourself teaching a lesson. You don’t have to include students in the video. Simply position a camera in the front row to record you and screencast the slides used during the lesson (if applicable).
Target Length: edit using Camtasia to >15 minutes
Bonus XP:
->assign a student to operate the camera
->assign a student to edit the footage
Record a Lesson (multi camera)
Give students a heads up and ask them to record you teaching a lesson. Students will submit the footage from their perspective to you.
Target Length: edit using Camtasia to >15 minutes
Bonus XP:
add 3 clips of students explaining their learning
assign a student to edit the footage
Maintain a personal Vlog. You can continue posting lesson reflections, reviews of educational apps and websites, or content of your choice.
Target Length: 3-7 minutes each
Posts: 2 per week for 4 weeks (minimum)
Bonus XP: share your posts on Social Media using #Oklaed or other popular education hashtags