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Detroit Tigers
Fast  Facts  About  The  Motor  City  Kitties
Batting Average (.277)
On-Base Percentage (.331)
Era (4.01)
Whip (1.33)
Brief History
Trivia Facts
The tigers were one of eight charter teams in the American League. They were established in 1894 as a part of the Western Division.
The 2003 Tigers set the American League record for most losses in a season with 119.
They are the oldest continuous one-name, one-city franchise in the American League.
2015 prediction
Batting   Average Victor  Martinez (.335)
Home  Runs Victor  Martinez (32)
RBIs Miguel  Cabrera (109)
Wins Max  Scherzer (18)
Saves Joe  Nathan (35)
Strikeouts Max  Scherzer (252)
Megan Landvatter
Season Leaders
1st In THe Central