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Cincinnati Reds
Batting Average (.238)
On-Base Percentage (.296)
Era (3.59)
Fast Facts About the Cards
WHIP (1.24)
Brief History
Big Red Machine
The Reds were originally known as the Cincinnati Red Stockings. The 1869 Red Stockings were the first all-professional baseball team.
"The Big Red Machine' refers to the nickname the Reds were given because of their dominant play in the 1970s. During this era they won two World Series and four pennants.
2015 Prediction
Season Leaders
Batting Average Todd Frazier (.273)
Home Runs Todd Frazier (29)
RBIs Todd Frazier (80)
Wins Johnny Cueto (20)
Saves Aroldis Chapman (36)
Strikeouts Johnny Cueto (242)
Megan Landvatter
5th in Central