Asylum Seeker 2013

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Origin of Asylum Seekers
The UNHCR has released data collected by 44 industrialized countries that provided data on where asylum-seekers are coming from.
The overall number of asylum-seekers to industrialised countries in 2013 was 28% higher than in 2012, this marks the highest total since 2001.
6 of the top 10 refugee-producing nations are experiencing violence: Syria, Afghanistan, Eritrea, Somalia, Iraq and Pakistan.
Reported by Industrialized Nations in 2013
Nationalities of Asylum-Seekers
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How You Can Help
AURA is a Canadian charitable organization assisting in the sponsorship and resettlement of refugees. AURA facilities the Private Sponsorship of Refugees program, a unique program that helps some of the world’s most needy refugees resettle to Canada.
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