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Boston Red Sox
Fast Facts About The Old Towne Team
18th in runs
22nd in batting average
14th in on-base percentage
24th in slugging percentage
Brief History
2015 Predictions
In 1901 the minor Western League became part of the Major Leagues. They called this new league the American League and began to compete against the National League. The Boston Red Sox were one of the teams established in the American League. While the team was established in 1901, they did not have an official name until 1908. Up until 1908 the team was referred to as the "Bostonians," "Boston Americans," "American Leaguers," and various other nicknames.
Red Sox Win the AL East
Despite a weak starting rotation, the Sox lineup will propel them to success
Top Performers
Curse of the Bambino
Megan Landvatter
The Boston Red Sox experienced one of the longest championship droughts in sports history. They went 86 years (1918-2004)without winning a championship. This drought became known as the Curse of the Bambino. Fans believed the sale of Babe Ruth to the rival New York Yankees two years after their 1918 championship contributed to the Red Sox lack of success.
Home Runs David Ortiz (35)
RBI David Ortiz (104)
Hits Dustin Pedroia (153)
Wins John Lackey (11)
Strikeouts Jon Lester (149)
Batting Average Dustin Pedroia (.278)