Carson Profile Class of 2017

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Carson High School Profile (340734)
A=4 (100-90), B=3 (89-80), C=2 (79-70), D=1 (69-60), F=0 (<60).  One additional quality point is assigned to all advanced, honors, and all foreign language classes after the second level.  Two additional quality points are assigned to AP courses.
AP Classes
Location - Rural Southern Rowan County serving the towns of China Grove & Faith, NC Student body profile        79% White        13% Hispanic         5% African American          50% Free or reduced lunch Graduation Rate - 90%
Other Facts
Community College 45%
Work 14%
4 Year College or University 35%
Military 6%
NC Compostie 18.6
Carson Composite 18.1
English 16.4
Math 18.7
Reading 18.2
Science 18.7
Grading Scale
Environmental Science, Biology, English IV (BRI/LT/LG/CO), English III (Language), US History, European History, Psychology, Statistics and Calculus BC
4 English (English I, II, III and IV) 4 Math (Math I, II, III and a math beyond Math III based on the students interest). 3 Science (Earth Environmental, Biology, and a Physical Science). 4 Social Studies credits (World, Civics, American History I and II or AP US history and one elective social studies). 1 Health and PE 11 Electives.  
Graduation Requirements