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International Human Rights Training Program
June 10 - 29, 2018
Application Process
Instruction Guide
Application deadline : November 20, 2017
How to apply ?
Applications for the International Human Rights Training Program (IHRTP) are submitted online through a platform called ContactEquitas. In order to help you through your IHRTP application process, Equitas has prepared this guide to walk you through the 4 different steps. Remember that once you have a ContactEquitas username and password, you can access or modify your application as often as you want until you submit it. We highly encourage you to submit your application well before the final deadline in order to ensure a timely processing.
Follow the 4 steps!
I'm One!
I'm One!
Create your ContactEquitas account
Complete the Application Form
Upload the required documents
Submit your completed application
Create your ContactEquitas account
Registering for the first time*
Go to
Click on
Click on           when finished
Your password must have at least 8 characters, and must contain at least 1 letter and 1 number
*You already have a ContactEquitas account?
Then, you do not need to create a new account. Simply Login using your email address and password. If you forgot your password, click on Forgot Your Password? and instructions will be sent to you by email.
Complete your Application Form
After signing up, you should access the welcome page of your ContactEquitas account
3. Then click on
Your Application Form should open
2. Click on
1. Click on
*Do not click on 
Click on          to change the language of the form
REMEMBER TO CLICK ON               regularly to ensure that your information is properly saved as well as whenever you want to log out.
Double-click on the field to answer the question
        Make sure      to select your preferred language as soon as possible
Click on      to read help texts
Type the date directly into the field (yyyy/mm/dd)
Q & A
About the Candidates
For further information about the IHRTP objectives and schedule, please consult the Program Information document on the website.
Profile of Candidates
May I apply if I am a volunteer with an organization but not actively employed?
Volunteers may apply for the IHRTP if they can demonstrate that they have been actively involved in the organization for at least two years. The volunteer candidates must also be: • Able to influence the human rights education activities carried out by the organization; • Familiar with international human rights principles and instruments; • Willing to transfer lessons acquired at the IHRTP to their colleagues and other concerned parties;
May I apply if I am not affiliated with an organization?
You may submit an application if you are not affiliated with an organization. You must explain how you plan to use your IHRTP training in your Application Form. If you are unable to complete the Memorandum of Agreement, we require that you to write a separate letter explaining how you plan to make use of your IHRTP training in an individual work plan.
May I apply if I have been working with an organization for less than two years?
Unfortunately, only candidates that have worked with their organization as employees or volunteers for a minimum of two years may apply to the IHRTP.
Application Form
May more than one person apply from a single organization?
There is no limit to the number of candidates that can apply from a single organization. However, Equitas recommends that each organization selects one or two candidates beforehand as being the most likely to benefit from the IHRTP training. Organizations must also bear in mind that there are a limited number of IHRTP spaces and scholarships.
May I apply if my previous application was unsuccessful?
You are welcome to apply to the IHRTP if your previous application was unsuccessful, or if you were unable to attend. Please note that applying will require submitting a new application with new documents for 2018, as to ensure that the evaluation of your application takes into consideration new information you will have provided.
May I apply to the IHRTP if I have participated in another Equitas training program?
You may apply to the IHRTP if you have participated in another Equitas training program. However, individuals who have participated in Equitas' sub-regional human rights training sessions in East and West Africa are not eligible to apply to the IHRTP.
Upload the required documents
After saving your Application Form, go to the bottom of your form.
See the list of required documents p.7
        Click on
Follow the 3 steps
Click on         when you have finished uploading all your documents
Verify that all the files have been attached, then SAVE your form again 
Please save the documents the following way before uploading them :  
Title_Last Name_Country (ex. Brochure_Lemaire_Canada)
Q & A
About the Required Documents
Memorandum of Agreement
Who must sign the Memorandum of Agreement if I am the Director of my organization?
If you are the Director of your organization, your Memorandum of Agreement must be signed by you and by the President of your organization's Board of Directors.
Who must sign the Memorandum of Agreement if I do not work for an organization?
If you do not work for an organization and thus are unable to complete the Memorandum of Agreement, we require that you write a separate letter explaining how you plan to make use of your IHRTP training in an individual work plan.
Where can I find Equitas' Memorandum of Agreement?
The Memorandum of Agreement is a document that needs to be signed by the director of your organization. It can be found on the Equitas website as well as in attachment to an email sent to you when you registered to ContactEquitas for the first time.
Letters of Recommendation
Who can write my letters of recommendation?
The two letters of recommendation that are required must be written by national or international human rights organizations familiar with your work and/or the work of your organization. Neither of these letters may be written by your own organization.
What should the Brochure contain?
The brochure should describe the work of your organization. It can be the organization's mission statement or an annual report that gives information about your organization's mission, objectives, activities, etc.
Instead of a brochure, can I submit the link to the website of my organization?
To facilitate the selection process, the Equitas team would prefer receiving Word or PDF versions of specific pages of the organization's website.
Your application must include :  - The completed online application form  - The signed Memorandum of Agreement
 - Two letters of recommendation
 - A brochure of your organization
Submit your application
Make sure you have all the required documents by checking the boxes
Once your application is submitted, you should receive an email confirming the reception of your application (check your junkmail). The IHRTP team should then send you an email in the following days to confirm that your application is complete and that all the documents you sent comply with the requirements.
Click on
Click on         when you have completed your application form and attached all the required documents
Q & A
About the Selection Process and Participation Fees
For further information about selection criteria, participation fees, and bursaries, please consult the Program Information document.
Selection Process
How does the selection process unfold?
A selection committee studies all applications. Decisions are made based on the criteria described in the Program information document, with consideration given to a balanced gender representation and geographical diversity.
When will I know if I have been selected?
International candidates selected to participate in the 2018 IHRTP will be notified at the end of February, 2018.
Can I obtain a letter of invitation before the selection takes place?
While we understand that the procedures to obtain a Canadian visa and program financing can often be lengthy and complex, letters of invitation can only be delivered once a candidate is selected to participate in the IHRTP. All the applications received must be evaluated by Equitas before any official letter of invitation is provided to an individual candidate.
Fees, Financing, and Bursaries
Are scholarships available to cover expenses?
Thanks to the financial support from Global Affairs Canada, Equitas is able to offer a limited number of full and partial scholarships to candidates whose profiles correspond the most to the selection criteria. Due to the limited number of scholarships and to certain geographical constraints, candidates selected for the IHRTP are not guaranteed to receive financial assistance through an Equitas scholarship.
How do I pay my participation fees?
If you are selected for the IHRTP and are required to pay a portion or all of your program fees, a bill will be sent to you containing the necessary payment information.
What is your refund policy if I am unable to obtain my Canadian visa in time?
If you are unable to obtain your Canadian visa in time for the IHRTP and have already paid your program fees, the Equitas team will contact you to proceed with the reimbursement of the funds received.
For further information on the IHRTP or for technical support during your application process:
Information and Support
Send us an email at [email protected]
Call us at 1-514-954-0382, ext. 239
Contact us at 666 Sherbrooke St. West, Suite 1100 Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H3A 1E7
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