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New York Yankees
Fast Facts About The Bronx Bombers
20th in Runs
20th in Batting Average
23rd in On-Base Percentage
17th in Slugging Percentage
Brief History
The Yankees began as the Baltimore Orioles when the American League was established in 1901. The president of the American League, Ben Johnson, and manager and part owner of the Orioles, John McGraw, began feuding. McGraw secretly jumped to the New York Giants and helped the Giants take players from the Orioles. In 1903 a peace conference was held between the two leagues to settle the issue. During this conference the decision was made to move the Orioles to New York to compete with the Giants.
Fun Facts
Joe DiMaggio holds the record for the longest hitting streak (56)
The Yankees hold records for most World Series, Pennants, and Division Titltes
2014 Team Leaders
Batting Average Jacoby Ellsbury (.271)
Home Runs Brian McCann (23)
Wins Masahiro Tanaka 13
Michael Pineda finishes as a Cy Young finalist
Third place finish in the AL East
Megan Landvatter
2015 MLB Predictions