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Toronto Blue Jays
5th In Runs
7th in Batting Average
4th in Slugging percentage
Fast Facts About The Jays
Brief History
Ok Blue Jays
The Blue Jays entered Major League Baseball as an expansion team in 1977. While the city did not have a Major League Baseball team there previously, they did have the Toronto Maple Leafs baseball team that was a part of the International League from 1896-1967.
Before singing "Take me out the Ballgame" the Blue Jays fans sing the song "Ok Blue Jays" by Keith Hampshire and the Bat Boys.
Season Leaders
Batting Average Melky Cabrera (.301)
Home Runs Jose Bautista (35)
Hits Jose Reyes (175)
Wins R.A. Dickey (14)
Saves Casey Janssen (25)
Strikeouts Drew Hutchison (184)
Megan Landvatter
2015 Prediction
The East will be competitive this season, and the Blue Jays will land in 4th