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Building a Network of Support
Chatham County Home Repair Collaborative Database
needs new roof, underpinning gone; needs rail installation for porch steps; handrails for bathroom; bathroom floor in need of repair, front door won't close; wooden front and back steps need replaced, safety concern over visible wiring from front porch light; floor repair in bathroom; shingled roof leaking in 2 places, hand rails; shingles missing on roof, some rotting and water leaks around chimney; rotted kitchen floor, mud room floor, 6 window screens, weather seal around front door, latch needs replacing; roof leak above bedroom, difficult to open back door; needs new steps going to front door (back door steps are also unsafe); needs window & ramp  repaired; needs ramp built; need railing on interior stairs - 14 steps, railing on back exterior steps - 3 steps; needs steps replaced and handrails, grab bars in shower; repair steps; need wheelchair ramp and bathroom door widened; bathroom window needs installing among other small minor home repair items; bathroom door needs to be widened for wheelchair, needs walk-in shower; needs new front door and new windows; kitchen floor needs repairing, needs some carpet pulled up; back porch is rotting; glass panes in bay window are cracked; ramp needs repairing - loose board and additional support underneath needed; kitchen and dining room floors are sinking; subfloor damage in kitchen and both bathrooms.
Need in Chatham County
Building the Database
Connect & Commit
Training, Training, Training
Integrate Information
Launch, Evaluate, Improve
Overall Project Goals
Increased public knowledge of available resources
Streamline the process
Maximize use of available resources
Strategically deliver services to the community
Provide clearer picture of community need
Thank You!
Executive Director Chatham County Council on Aging [email protected]
Database Project Consultant Chatham County Council on Aging [email protected]
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