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can we resolve our disputes peacefully?
In 2015, voluntary Alternate Dispute Resolution process resolved 70% of cases and saved over $14 million in legal costs in US.*
Collaborative Law
Lawyers and parties agree to settle their conflict without litigation.
A team of experts - Financial Planner, Psychologist, etc. - assist the parties and lawyers in the process.
Lawyers in good faith negotiate and fashion agreement for the parties.
Assisted settlement negotiation.
Mediator assists parties find amicable middle ground.
Significant cost and time saving.
Arbitrator determines the resolution after gathering information from both parties.
In binding arbitration, the decision is final. No appeal.
Speedy resolution and general cost savings.
Helps to preserve future relationship between parties.
Arbitration award is enforceable in court.
Some other options
Dispute Review Boards (DRB)
Private Judging
Prepare your state of mind
Be ready to make good faith effort.
Be open-minded.
Be courteous.
Find the best option for you
What do you really want?
What options are available to you?
What can you afford to do financially and emotionally?
How Do We Get Started?
Educated Divorce
Narrative Mediation
Be willing to disclose.
Be reasonable.
Be ready to put a closure & move on.
Where can you find the practitioners?
Virtual Mediation
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Source :  Light on Peacemaking: A Guide To Appropriate Dispute Resolution and Mediating Family Conflict / Chapter 2: ADR Processes  by Thomas DiGrazia *
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