The Digital Divide Copy

published by Rhana

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The digital divide can exist between: - those living in rural areas and those living in urban areas - the educated and uneducated - economic classes - on a global scale between more and less industrially developed nations.
What Is The Digital Divide?
Digital Divide Between Developed and Non Developed Countries
Australia (2012) Population: 35,903,569 Internet users: 24,287,919 % of population using Internet: 67.6%
Africa (2012) Population:1,073,380,925 Internet users: 167,335,676 % of population using Internet: 15.6%
Bridging The Gap
There are many programs through out the world aimed at bridging the Digital Divide Gap. A lot are charitable groups aimed at suppling resources to under privileged countries
Oppurtunity Online Program
Digital Promise Project
Broadband Technologies Oppurtunity Program
One Laptop Per Child
Techno Service
Consultative Group To Assist The Poor