Hundley, Standard 5.4 (2)

published by Cynthia Hundley

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Wilkerson Elementary School Library Media Center
School Mission Statement:
Wilkerson Traditional Elementary School will partner with parents, the community, and the district to surround our students with the support they need to achieve at high levels and leave Wilkerson prepared for the next step in their education.
Expectations for appropriate behavior are displayed in the library as they are in all common areas throughout the school.  Students understand that there are specific ways in which they are to act within the library and to ensure that all students understand these expectations, there are visuals that accompany the text.
The LMS manages the school's Facebook page.  This encourages a home to school connection with parents that impacts student learning.  With all interested parties regularly communicating with one another, student success is an inevitable by-product.
School Vision Statement:
All Wilkerson Traditional Elementary students are respectful and responsible individuals who -grow and learn at high levels every day, -move towards proficiency, and -choose to change their lives and their world for the better.
Students participate in an up-cycling program that encourages them to bring discarded materials from home that can then be used to create new and useful objects.  By not wasting materials and finding new uses for the old, students learn how their actions can make the world a better place.  
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A Family Literacy Night is held each year to promote and encourage reading at home.  Specific strategies and resources are provided to parents and caregivers such that they are more equipped to assist their children in their reading achievement. Additionally, reading activities that are engaging, fun, and interesting are planned by the Library Media Specialist and cooperating teachers to demonstrate for families the various ways reading can be addressed.
The Library Media Center offers a variety of appropriate, relevant, and culturally diverse materials for student use.  Specific instruction on the most effective ways to access information is provided in order to most effectively impact student achievement.
Students are encouraged to think creatively, collaborate with their peers, and connect their learning with the "real-world."  Activities are planned that meet higher-level thinking and 21st century skills.