Donut A4

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The Donut
The Altmetrics Donut is intended to be a snapshot of the attention an article has received from social media. You will find them on publisher websites, article pages and institutional repositories
The Colours
Each colour on the Altmetrics donut represents a different source of attention – for example, red represents news outlets, dark blue represents Facebook pages. The amount of each colour on the wheel varies depending on which sources the article has received attention from. This article has received a lot of attention from news outlets and Twitter
The Score
The Altmetrics score is a weighted count showing the attention that an article has received. The score is calculated by volume (how many mentions the article has), sources (different sources have different values e.g. a news outlet is worth more than a tweet),  and authors of mentions (who their audience is etc.) This article has a high score partially due to being picked up by a large number of news outlets