Creating Assignments in Google Classroom

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How are you creating assignments in Google Classroom? Are you using just a title? Are you giving students detailed instructions? The more detail you provide in your instructions, the fewer questions you should have to answer later.
Google Classroom
Creating Assignments
Start your assignment with a short title. Use the instruction area for directions for your students. If they need to open the assignment, state that. If you have attached files to the assignment, tell them what you attached. If you have special instructions for completing and submitting the assignment, add that. Give as much detail here as possible. When a student asks, "Did I need to click Turn in?" you can answer, "Did you check Classroom?"
Use the assignment attachment area to attach anything a student might need to complete an assignment. In the example below you will see a template for students to use as well as a rubric, web article and YouTube video for reference.
Students can create and submit assignments in a variety of ways. Be sure you give them clear instructions.
Attach a template for students to start from. Use the "make a copy for each student" option to create a copy for each student. Students click Open to access the template and click Turn in to submit.
Have students use the Create option to create Docs, Slides, Sheets or Drawings right in Classroom. Having the student create the document in Classroom gives the teacher immediate access to it. To submit the assignment, students click Turn in.
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Want students to submit an assignment that is not a Google file? No problem! Students can use the Add option to add other types of files or links to creations.
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Created by Mickie Mueller | Google for Education Certified Trainer | @mickie_mueller