History of Art + Careers & Employability

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History of Art
23rd Nov 2016 - 24th May 2017
Careers & Employability
As well as the workshops sessions offered by Careers & Employability, there will be an opportunity to hear from industry experts.
A contemporary masterclass discussion on the future of the subject and opportunities within it
The Future of Art
Networking Opportunities
Careers in the Arts
Articulate Your Story - Creating your Narrative
Job Shadowing Programme
An opportunity to spend a day with alumni within the sector to gain a dynamic insight into the sector.
The Value of Internships & Volunteering
CV's for Arts
Succeeding at Interview
Managing Your Digital Footprint
Use the programme as an opportunity to network with peers and industry contacts
A six event programme designed to help students in the department to think about career options and connect with industry
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With thanks to the Alumni Fund for helping to make this project possible.
Who is the Programme for? This event is for Birkbeck Students only and open to all doing a BA, Graduate Certificate or MA in the History of Art department. Cert HE and MPhil/PhD students are also welcome to sign up to these events. More information is available on Eventbrite.