There is an Outdoor app for that!

published by Tammy Tromba

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There is an Outdoor App for That!
How to Camp App...
Parks Canada Learn to Camp
This app is ideal for first-time campers who want to plan their first camp.  It's packed with information to make a first-time camping trip a success: - Camping Basics from How to Plan Your Trip, Camping Equipment, Menu Planning, How to Set-up a Campsite, Lighting a Campfire and much more... - Camping checklists to help you pack everything you will need - a few camp recipes - and an interactive "Find a National Park Map" (Free App)
How to Tie Knots Apps...
Knot Guide
Over 103 knots with step-by-step instructions with pictures.  Knots are sorted either by category of knot or by knot name.  Including the category of Scout Knots, which are the knots most used by guiding/scouting for camping. (Cost $3.12)
Is your pocket guide to 70 must know knots in six categories. With this App you’ll always have just the right knot at the ready, with clear step-by-step visual and written tying instructions both  to meet any and every outdoor need.  (Free App)
Camp Cooking...
Camp Recipes!
With over 700 recipes conveniently listed by category, time, and keyword, you can go on 100s of campouts and hikes without eating the same thing twice. (Cost $3.12)
Trail Chef
This app will give you an easy and organized way to create a mouthwatering camp menu.  With over 60 trail-tested recipes and the option to add your own customized recipes, you can prearrange your meals in categories, get nutritional info and plan a daily menu according to your activities! (Cost $3.12)
Campfire Apps...
Campfire Songs
Is a collection of 201 classic campfire favourites, which are listed alphabetically or by song type.  Great app for unit meetings or camps.  (Free App)
Creepy Campfire Tales
Creepy Campfire Tales is a collection of scary stories to read around the campfire. With categories for kids, teens and adults, all ages will have a frighteningly good time taking turns reading the stories.  (Free App)
Nature Apps...
Leaf Snap
Is an electronic field guide with high-resolution images of leaves, flowers, fruits, petioles, seeds, and bark to aid identification. (Free App)
My Nature Tracks
Is a smartphone field guide to animal track identification with a searchable database of tracks, scats, and sound files for animal vocalizations. (Cost $3.12)
Nature Apps cont'd...
Merlin Bird ID
Is a bird identification app, which will ask you a series of simple questions to help you identify the mystery bird you just saw.  It includes 1000's of bird calls and colour photos of both male and female birds.  (Free App)
Is an app which makes stargazing simple, easy and fun for all!  Simply point your smartphone at the sky to identify stars, constellations, satellites and more.  Additionally, by tapping on the star, constellation, etc you can learn more about it. (Free App)
Exploration Apps....
Explore your local trails!  This app includes trail descriptions, photos, and maps of more than 50,000 trails in North America.  You can even turn on the GPS tracker to track your progress and record your pace, distance, and elevation! (Free App)
Want to go on an adventure?  Browse through a database of over 20,000 destinations or others adventurous experiences.  You can also share your adventures with others, by posting inspiring photos and videos.   (Free App)
Geocaching Apps...
Join the world's largest GPS treasure hunt.  Look up millions of geocaches in over 185 countries on your smartphone.   Use the app's 'navigate to geocache' button and log your geocache finds right on your phone.   (Cost $9.99)
Is a geocaching tool collection to help you find the next stage of a multi-cache or help you solve the riddle of a mystery cache. Some of the tools included are: - Ciphers - Text Input for Coordinate Target Guidance - De-coder Tables -Converters for Mass, Length, etc. - and a handy Flashlight button  (Free App)
Survival Apps...
SAS Survival Guide
Want to brush up on your basic survival skills?  The lite version of the app covers all the essentials: gear, water procurement, fire, weather prediction, etc.  The full version contains survival information for extreme environments;  wild food gathering, a morse code signaler, sun compass, instructional videos, and more. (Lite - Free App or Full $11.37)
First Aid by Red Cross
This app gives you instant access to the information you need to handle the most common first aid emergencies. It includes videos, step by step advice, and interactive quizzes to test your knowledge. (Free App)
Misc Apps...
Topo Maps Canada
Download and view topographic maps covering Canada. Topographic maps are useful for recreational activities such as hiking, canoeing, camping, fishing, mountain biking, geocaching, and exploring.  Turn on the tracking feature to show where you are on the map, your elevation, and the accuracy of your GPS signal. A few other features included are the ability to add flags and trails to maps and to measure distances by dragging your finger on the screen between two points. (Free App)
Shop MEC
Browse through MEC's large selection of outdoor clothing and equipment from the comfort of your smartphone.  Make shopping lists for your next visit or purchase things online directly from your phone.  You can even send your guiding sisters MEC gift cards straight from your phone to celebrate any special occasion. (Free App)