Ansible Overview

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Ansible Overview
Ansible automates the apps and IT infrastructure. Application Deployment + Configuration Management + Continuous Delivery.
Ansible VS. Ansible Tower
....Many other IT needs
Cloud Provisioning
Ansible Overview
Configuration Management
Application Deployment
Intra-Service Orchestration
Ansible Automates
Fully documented REST API & Tower Dashboard
Uses an agentless architecture
Ansible is a newish CM tool and orchestration
Cloud Integration
Currently avail for Linux/Unix-like Os's & Windows
Dependence on Ruby
Modules work over JSON
Ansible Tower is a web-based interface for managing Ansible
Job scheduling & Portable Mode
Ansible Tower
In short, Ansible Tower is a remarkably useful add-on to Ansible
Open-source product distributed under the GNU GPL
Role-based access control
Ansible Benefits
Free S/W Platform for configuring & managing computers
Fast Agentless deployment
CLI supports almost any programming language
Uses Phython - Omnipresent in Linux Distros
Excellent Security Using SSH/ SSH2
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