Finding Dystopian Fiction

published by Sue Doherty (POL)

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Dystopian Fiction
What is it, and how do you find it?
Destiny Quest
a. Dystopian fiction list. This is a list of titles we have at Pollard. While not all are pure dystopias, they all have some dystopian elements.
b. Search Destiny Quest Some possible terms for searching: dystopias; utopias; science fiction; government, resistance to; artificial intelligence; genetic engineering; robots; global warming; bacterial or virus diseases; obedience; environmental degradation; virtual reality; cloning
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Axis360 Browse Categories on the iPad app Juvenile Fiction: Dystopian; Nature & the Natural World; Religious; Robots; Science & Technology; Science Fiction; Social Themes Young Adult Fiction: Apocalyptic & Post-Apocalyptic; Computers & Digital Media; Dystopian; Girls & Women; Health & Daily Living; Nature & the Natural World; Politics & Government; Religious; School & Education; Science & Technology; Science Fiction; Social Themes; Visionary & Metaphysical
Biblioboard: Dystopian Literature Curation Read online, no need to check out
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Destiny Quest
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