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Take 2 New & Recycled Apparel is taking a stand on deforestation, climate pollution and human rights abuses related to the surge in the growth of unsustainable palm oil.  
What’s wrong with palm oil?
It’s estimated that nearly half of packaged goods sold in your local supermarket contain palm oil. Unfortunately the boom in producing unsustainable palm oil has led to deforestation, displacement of indigenous peoples and the destruction of habitat of endangered species like orangutans, elephants and tigers.
Should I stop buying palm oil?
Fortunately there are ways to produce palm oil in a sustainable manner and conservation groups working on transitioning communities dependent on palm oil production to using those practices.
Look for the labels
Companies may label products like cooking oils, soaps, and food with the RSPO label which means the oil is produced in a sustainable manner or the Green Palm label which means they are helping their suppliers transition to better practices.
Check the scores
The World Wildlife Fund has a scorecard of major retailers to let you know who’s doing their part and where to shop. Your grocery store might not be doing all they can.
Let companies know you care
Sign the petition to let food suppliers know you care about the issue and that they should be sourcing palm oil responsibly.
What you can do
Make a donation to Take 2's responsible palm oil fund
Take 2 will match the first $500 of customer donations to the fund.
The responsible palm oil funds the World Wildlife Fund, Conservation International and the Rainforest Alliance – groups working to help transition communities to sustainable production, providing sound solutions to those affected, raising awareness of the issue and convincing companies to make sustainable choices in sourcing palm oil.
eswa to 50155
The responsible palm oil fund  was created EarthShare Washington-  a 501c3 charity that represents a collection of over 60 conservation charities working together to support critical issues. EarthShare Washington helps companies engage with and support conservation issues that are important to them.