Getting Started with Breakout EDU

published by mrsmmueller

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Get Started
Getting Started with
Purchase a kit from or build your own. Any box that has the ability to be locked will work for Breakout EDU. All games are compatible with the standard kit shown below. At Norfolk Public Schools, each building has at least one kit. Check with your building principal.
Obtain a Kit or Build Your Own
Play the Games
First Game
If this is your first time doing a Breakout EDU game, select a game from the Games page. These games have been tested in classrooms.
Games are available at
Search Games
Hundreds of games have been created. You can search by grade level and subject area.
Vetted Games
These games include a set up video and detailed instructions.
Lock Setting Tips
The locks in the Breakout EDU kit are resettable. The same locks work over and over again. Watch the lock setting tutorial videos if you need help.
Design Games
Design games to match your curriculum. Template available at
Lock Care
Visit for tips on caring for your locks.
Created by Mickie Mueller | Educational Technology Facilitator | Norfolk Public Schools | @mickie_mueller