Creating an Authentic online profile

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Creating Your Authentic Online Profesional Profile
1) Search your social media sites and remove anything unacceptable and inappropriate, including the alcohol fuelled nights!! You can do this using google.
Steps To Start Networking!!!
2) Interlink your Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Website and LinkedIn accounts keeping them consistent. This will increase the validity of your online presence. 3) Have the same profile picture and information: This will make recruiters/followers believe in what you are selling, YOURSELF. 4) Sell yourself by captivating your audience from the summary: Include a few short concise sentences that are relevant (internships, awards, inspiration) and elevate your prospects showing some personality (Harris, 2014).
5) Make your contact details easily accessible: Include your telephone number and email, this will show your seriousness about networking. 6) Express your opinions and share your interests: Recruiters/Followers want to see frequent activity as this will support your authenticity. It shows dedication, commitment and passion over a long periods of time (Admin, 2014). 7) Connect with companies and groups. This will keep you up to date with news alerts and again solidify what you are interested in.
The Do's and Don'ts
1) Promote your self positively, show your network why you stand out! 2) Make sure your post's can represent you, do not be fake! No one wants a deception! 3) As I said earlier be active! If its a blog post all the better! However don't over do it by posting three times a day, you do not want your connections to unfollow you because you are clogging their news feed. 4) Maintain one voice throughout your digital presence, keep your opinions and interests clear and consistent! 5) Gain a competitive advantage. Be original! Be unique! Stand out! Do not be the plane boring one. 6) You do not have to connect with everyone if you do not want to, choose your network wisely. 7) Avoid Controversial comments.