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Best Robot Vacuum
Paul Green
Buy a robot vacuum placed in the room, different types of ground, debris, particularly a class of beans. The much stronger of cleaning ability of the substance, more appropriate choice. For now, the suction power is from 450Pa to 1800Pa, just take balance with the working battery and noise level. 3-Stage Cleaning System is the basic choice of the most brands now.
Suction Power
Pattern Schedule
01 Suction Power
02 Pattern Schedule
Good robot vacuum built by a good route planning, can choose different walking pattern to clean different areas of the room. After you get the robots, try to observe it in automatic cleaning line mode, to be able to judge the capability. Robot has different eyes: GPS, Laser, G-sensor, Gyroscope, Infrared, etc. All these eyes just look around and create a map pattern. Smart enough to make schedule to sweep every week.
03 Size
Slim body make the robot can run under the furniture and take the dust which the vacuum cleaner can not reach.
The greater dust cartridge capacity of the machine, the ability to absorb dust is relatively stronger.
04 Battery
The capacity of the battery is a standard measure of performance, large-capacity battery life for a long time, it normally takes more than 2 hours, and sweeping range is greater. Auto re-charge is a basic function. If not, it is not a robot vacuum.
05 Noise
Robots seemingly small, in fact, working noise is not small. Generally 30dB or less for sleeping, 60dB of volume of ordinary indoor conversation, typically 70dB volume has reached the level of indoor noise. Noise at work of robot vacuum also needs lower than this range, the general control within 65dB.
Never Choice
Easy Hair Wound
Big Noise at Work
Hard Shell Material
Insensitive Reaction
Editor Choice
iRobot 960
Neato D80
Anker Robovac 10
Best Robot Vacuum