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Samuel Adams
American patriot Samuel Adams(1722-1803)failed as a brewer and a newspaper publisher before becoming one of the independence movements most celebrated leaders and statesmen. An organizer of Boston's sons of liberty, Adams concevied of the Boston committee of correspondence and coordinated Boston's resistance to the tea act, which climaxed in the famous Tea Party. He represented Massachusetts in the Continental Congress from 1774 through 1781, and was elected to the Massachusetts convection on the ratification of the Constitution in 1789 to 1793, Adams took over as governor before retiring in 1797.
Born:September 27,1722, Boston, MA Died:October 2,1803,Cambridge,MA Buried:Granary Burying Ground,Boston,MA Spouse:Elizabeth Wells(m. 1764-1803), Elizabeth Checkley(m. 1749-1757) Previous offices:Governor of Massachusetts (1793-1797).
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