UGL Study Spaces

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How to Choose Your UGL Study Space
Do you prefer to your study space to be...
You're a group: you roll deep and need a space to spread out.  A group room would be perfect for you! Click here to reserve:                                
You always have a partner in crime to get homework done. Grab your bestie and one of the group tables on the upper level to chat about your weekends while you work.
You've headed into the UGL alone to catch up on some reading in between classes. Don't mind a little noise? Find a comfy chair on the upper level  and relax!
You mean serious business. You've got your coffee, textbooks, and laptop--all you need is a quiet place to focus. Claim a study carrel on the lower level and get to work!
Both you and your roommate need space to work, but the main floor is too chatty. Enjoy the courtyard view (and plenty of outlets!) while studying at the lower level group tables.
You've been studying for hours, and the desk chairs are getting uncomfortable. Take a break in one of the lounge chairs downstairs. It's so quiet, you might even take a nap.... 
Working on a media project?
The podcast you're recording for your class project deserves more than your laptop mic. The Audio Production Studio is the space for you. Click on the mic above to reserve your recording session! 
You sacrificed hours of your weekend to record video for your project. Use the professional quality media editing software on the Mac desktops on the upper level to make it look pro.
Your brilliant idea for a video project shouldn't be filmed in a basement. Channel your inner Spielberg by shooting in the Video Production Studio. Click on the image above to reserve your session!