Breaking Borders Year in Review 2016

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Breaking Borders 2016
A Summary of the Nicaragua Projects
Because of you, we are part of history in Nicaragua! In 2016, Breaking Borders hosted the first national tournament, the first Youth tournament, the first student and teacher trainings, and the first youth club game ever in Nicaragua! This is just the beginning.
Youth reached on a weekly basis: 50 Schools partnered with: 3 Overall unique youth impacted through programs: 460 Number of tournaments: 5 Number of leaders developed & discipled: 6 # of active players (Youth and Adult) Aug 2015: 50 # of active players (Youth and Adult) Nov 2016: 125
THE DISC is our formal leadership curriculum that we use on several different levels. Not only is It the perfect acronym for Spanish and English, but it represents the values we feel are inherent to every good leader. Teachablity, Humility, Empowerment, Dedication, Integrity, Service, Communication. Without these values a leader cannot efficiently and effectively lead his or her peers. We use this on varying levels in all of our projects. In our community project we discuss these values lightly with the students and teach them while we play. In our P.E. programs and club teams we go a little deeper and challenge the students to truly grab hold of the values for themselves and encourage them to apply them to their lives. In our Leadership Development Program we go into the most detail and discuss each value fully and apply it to the sport, class, life, and relationships. The students who go through this program will then be able to lead our programs and teach the curriculum to others.
The Dale Pues youth team is our premiere youth project and was where we started in August 2015. We are so proud of their growth, desire to serve, and excitement for the sport. NCAI is on the United State's school calendar so we finished our first year in May and started our second in August.
They participated in an international youth tournament and skills clinic in Costa Rica. It was their first time playing together as a team and they had a blast. They built a great foundation for us to work on for the coming years.
MAY 2016
We started the second year of Dale Pues in early October. We had to replace the loss of 8 seniors. Due to the increased interest in the sport we have regained our numbers without any problem and we are really excited to see how they compete this year.
OCT 2016
Dale Pues participated in the first youth club game in Nicaragua against the youth team in Ciudad Sandino. They played hard and won 10-6.
NOV 2016
Our Ciudad Sandino project has grown the most. Over the past year we have had small tournaments, service projects, fun days, and a party. We have seen true life change in many of the youth. They originally came with bad attitudes and solved problems by fighting. Now they are team players and communicate with others to resolve issues. In addition to playing it is important that we serve the community. We had a service day this year where we cleaned the park and area where we play of trash and debris. We hope to teach the youth personal responsibility and to own whatever they do in life. Because we spent time getting to know the community, we were able to start a leadership development program and equip students with THE DISC curriculum.
Day 1 in Ciudad Sandino
We also started a local youth team. The local team recently competed against our Dale Pues youth team and played really well.
Ciudad Sandino Youth Team
Community Leaders: Julio, Katherine, & Kevin
This year we started an internship to equip and train a Nicaraguan to teach the Breaking Borders curriculum, lead events, learn English, and represent the sport. Exequiel Rocha has played Ultimate for almost 10 years. He is a fantastic athlete, friend, mentor, and coach. He has been invaluable this past year in all of our projects and events.
This year we partnered with Disc Golf and an already moving machine to  help create a national federation. They had already put in a lot of work over the past year and when we met in August it was a welcomed surprise. The federation is Federacion Nicaraguense Disco Volador (FENIDIVO). This will allow all flying disc sports to grow here in Nicaragua and eventually compete internationally and hopefully in the Olympics once flying disc is fully approved.
Teams from 5 different departments throughout the country will compete in a one day tournament. This is so important because it will help build interest and growth in other departments outside of Managua.
This will be the first Ultimate camp in Nicaragua. There will be several high level players from the states to help lead it. Youth from all of our projects will be participating in this 3-day event. We hope to use this as a foundation for 2017.
Our biggest tournament of the year! It was a huge success in 2016 and we hope to use it again as a tool to connect people and to grow the sport not only in Nicaragua, but all of Central America.
Our 3 youth teams (Dale Pues, NCANejapa, Ciudad Sandino) will play each other twice and have a one-day tournament on May 20th to finalize the season. We are so excited to see how this helps build excitement and growth for our current programs and helps promote the sport for future projects.
JAN 3-5 2017
Campamento de Ultimate
MARCH 2017
Dept. Club Tournament
Torneo Cocibolca
NOV 4-5 2017
APRIL 1- MAY 20 2017
Youth Team Season
Over the last year we worked with 3 different schools in P.E. classes and special trainings to train teachers and equip students. This coming year we hope to double that and implement our P.E. and leadership curriculum into three more schools.
School Trainings
The Nitty Gritty
Breaking Borders has been blessed by many in-kind donations this past year. Through our partners and other unique contacts we received almost 2/3rds of our donations in the form of discs, jerseys, and prizes for events. Though these weren’t financial gifts these were a huge help and allowed us to grow this year.
2017 GOALS: $15,000
$1500 ADMIN
$6000 SALARY
$7500 PROJ
This will cover monthly admin and bank expenses, the website, and other one time business expenses that come up.
This will cover the monthly salary for a Nicaraguan Ultimate Director that will work hand in hand with us in our programs. FENIDIVO is a non-profit in Nica and we will be partnering with them to help make this possible.
This will help cover expenses for materials for the Ciudad Sandino project, the NCA school teams, tournaments, and expansion into new communities.
This is just the beginning. Join our team to be a part of lasting change in the lives of Nicaraguan youth.