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Teachers and Technology
The data compiled by the NCES is one of the most comprehensive breakdowns of how teachers use technology in classrooms, for professional development, and for parent and student communication. It also details the availability of the technology, and whether or not teachers make use of it.
97% have 1 or more computers in the classroom for every day use
54% can bring computers into the classroom
Internet access is available for 93% of computers in the classroom every day
96% for those brought into the classroom
Elementary teachers use tech more frequently than secondary teachers
40% of teachers and their students used computers OFTEN in the classroom for instruction
29% did the same, but in other locations besides the classroom
Ratio of students to computers:
These devices are the most available for use in the classroom:
Digital Camera
Interactive whiteboard
LCD or DLP projectors
When available, 49% of teachers use it often
Teacher use: 57%
Teacher use: 72%
The most used (92%) tech system for teachers is for entering or viewing's also the system most available in public schools
The least available system is for entering or viewing IEP's
2 systems are readily available but not used often:
Administering Assessments
Viewing Assessments
Available: 84%
Available: 90%
Used: 61%
Used: 75%
Word processing
The most used software/internet site for classroom learning
The least used
Social networking
Teachers use tech the most to learn basic skills
Teachers use it the least for Social Networking
Teachers use emails the most to communicate with parents and students
They use IM the least
Hours Spent in tech PD:
Of that PD, 81% said it met their goals and needs
19% said it didn't