Survive the Night in Minecraft

published by Jessica Pack

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My Thoughts on Survival Mode
Going into game play in survival mode was a completely different experience compared to playing in creative mode. I felt apprehensive and fearful for much of the first few hours.  There are many different ways to die in Minecraft - and I think I discovered a good portion of them!  
How I Was Able to Survive the Night in
Gather nearby wood and stone. Convert wood into planks and sticks.
Create a furnace and convert some wood blocks into charcoal.
Create some torches and mine a quick hiding place in a nearby cliff or mountain.
My Survival Strategy
Use the night to begin crafting items and mining for resources.
Ways That I Died in Survival Mode
Eventually, I was able to devise a fairly reliable method of survival. One of the most stressful aspects for me was finding charcoal in time for the first night. Once I found out that I could generate charcoal by burning a solid wood block, that was a game-changer!