Winter Treats for Chickens

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What treats are healthy for your flock?
cracked corn & scratch
Although not a great treat for the warmer months, scratch with cracked corn and other grains is the perfect winter treat!
The energy required to digest the grains will help keep your chickies warm.
You can make your own scratch or purchase it at any local feed store.
oatmeal & berries
We mix oatmeal and berries, and our chickens love it. It's a favorite winter treat, and if you are adding plain yogurt to your chickens' diets, you can mix in the yogurt with the oatmeal.
The oatmeal will help keep your chickies warm, and adding berries, yogurt, or probiotics will help keep your chickens healthy during the tough winter months. 
Keep them busy!
Choose veggies that keep your chickens busy. Doing so will not only be good for their health but will also help with the boredom of winter. Cut some squash in half; put out some heads of lettuce; cut open some pumpkins. Giving your chickens something to work on may be the best treat in the winter!
sunflower seeds
helpful protein
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Pajamas, Books, and Chickens
Remember to always keep a balanced diet in mind. As you add treats to your chickens' diets this winter, make sure they are also receiving a balanced diet for their overall health!
Sunflower seeds and other seeds provide important protein during the winter months. The protein can be especially helpful if you have some chickens still in molt.