Healthy Schools Campaign

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Healthy Schools Campaign
Change for Good
With a Spring 2016 Aspiramos Juntos grant, Healthy Schools Campaign is providing stakeholders with knowledge, support and information to improve the food, nutrition education and physical activity environments in Chicago schools.
Cooking Up Change is a district-wide annual culinary competition hosted by Healthy Schools Campaign. Students create healthy meal options and serve them to the school advisory group. Chicago Public Schools integrates these student-created meals into the menu on an ongoing basis. Click the picture below to read about the Cooking Up Change winner.
Cooking Up Change
This fall, Healthy Schools Campaign and partners constructed three schoolyards in Wadsworth (Woodlawn), Corkery (South Lawndale), and Gunsaulus (Brighton Park). These new schoolyards support active play and outdoor learning for students. Other Healthy Schools Campaign partners have started groundwork for 11 additional schoolyard transformations. Click the pictures for more information and pictures from Wadsworth and Corkery schoolyards.
School Yard Construction
This summer, 60 parents attended the Parent Leadership Institute. At the training, parents were informed on ways to improve health and wellness in their schools and communities.  
Training Events
Teachers attended a training event called Fit to Learn. Teachers learned how to improve health and wellness in their schools and communities.
Click the picture to the right to see what the parents did at their training.
Click the picture to the left to find out what the teachers learned at their training.
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Healthy Schools Campaign's goals are: to continue improving Chicago Public Schools food environment through increasing access to less processed food, to transform schoolyards to better support physical activity, and to create learning opportunities around school gardens and environment.