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A Smoke-Free Guide for Landlords
Greater Franklin County, Maine
Let's Clear the Air
If I implement a tobacco smoke-free policy, I will lose money.
Myth 1
Myth 2
A smoke-free policy will push away tenants and I will lose valuable residents.
Myth 3
Enforcing a smoke-free policy would be too difficult.
Fact: You can save money by implementing a smoke-free policy. You will reduce wear and tear, and save on cleaning and repainting costs. Unit turnover costs in buildings with a smoke-free policy can be 5 to 10 times less than in buildings where smoking was allowed.
Fact: In Maine, 90% of adults believe that people should be protected from secondhand smoke. According to recent surveys conducted in Maine, seven out of ten renters would prefer to live in smoke-free apartments. In fact, a 2011 survey of Maine renters found that 43% would be willing to pay more to live in a smoke-free apartment.
Fact: Once you implement a policy, smoking will be so noticeable that you are likely to hear about it from other residents. Enforcing a smoking policy is a lot less of a headache than mediating disputes between smokers and non-smokers without a policy in place.
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What are Landlords Saying?
"Moving to a smoke-free tenancy has saved us considerably in repairs and even more when it comes to loss of vacancy due to smoke related issues."
"I was encouraged and pleasantly surprised at how receptive the market was to having a more healthy place to live.  I believe once most landlords realize that the social mood has changed on smoking, and it really isn't a hindrance to marketing, more will participate."
Max Yates, Director of Farmington Area Landlord Association
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