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Open Education
Does the device a learner uses, affect their interaction with the online learning platform?
Author : Matt Endean OU Course : H818 Theme : Implementation
The Question?
Is the way learners interact with online learning platforms, likely to be influenced by their choice of device to access the internet?
Data 02
Data 02
Data 02
Why look at this?
I found through my own study with the OU, that my own interaction with the online learning platform was restricted when I used my iPad. The issues were that I was unable to successfully reply to any online posts. The advantage of online learning is that it allows a high level of learner interaction as well breaking down the traditional barriers of peer to peer learning. However this can only happen if you can actually post replies . This got me thinking, does the device used alter the level if interaction with open education and online learning? The education industry needs to be sure that any platforms used in open education are accessible to students. Distance learning is a difficult process and if learners encounter difficulties in accessing the content due to the type of device they are using then this is likely to affect their ability to take part in the learning process. This could lead to a reduction in interaction and this is could affect learner progress and also affect any results awarded. To do this I will - Survey learners on the types of devices they use, and why they choose to use them. Find out the issues they have using that device and how it affects their interaction and learning motivation. - Create a blog for my fellow H818 (OU Course) students and others to follow my progress, and as a platform for sharing my work. - A 'traditional' research exercise based on the academic work already done in this area. - Produce a paper based on my findings from the above An alternative accessibility version of this poster can be found at
If you have any question, please contact me via @MattEndeanRally
Matt Endean
Sources of information: Graph resource : Follow the blog and the conference via : Find out more at the conference in February using #h818device