Topic 5 Reflection

published by Emma Walker

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This weeks comments
Hi Alice, I really enjoyed reading your blog post this week and liked your take on the topic. I agree with you that there are many advantages and disadvantages of open access. However, you conclude that you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages for open access. Do you not think that open-access will encourage people to take content producers work and pass it off as their own? Furthermore, the majority of content producers spend a great amount of time researching and writing their work, do you not think that they should be rewarded for this more? Personally, I like the idea of a paywall with a limit to the articles you can read every month before you have to pay. In my opinion, this would almost be a perfect solution for students such as ourselves as we would not have to pay for the time we don’t use articles. Emma
Hi Tiffany, I really liked your use of Piktochart, it looks really professional and really adds to your post. I also enjoyed how you incorporated websites such as YouTube and Wikipedia into your post, this is something I hadn’t thought of. I also go to YouTube to watch videos that may make elements of my course easier to understand. You ask whether it is ethical to determine who has a right to knowledge by placing extortionate monetary barriers. In my opinion it is not ethical as everyone should have the right to this knowledge. Do you feel that placing paywalls with a limit on the articles you can read per month before you have to pay, is a good way around this? In my opinion it is a great solution as users will have access to a certain amount of articles for free and then once they have used up their limit they will be asked to pay for any more they wish to use. Emma