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Interviews and Hiring

A brief guide to the Kansas City hiring process

Hiring Philosophy

Our organization exists to serve our community and empower our teachers to be change makers. While the need for teachers in Kansas City is great, we still rely on the wants, needs, and input of our placement partners to make hiring decisions. We strive to make the best decisions for our community and corps members through patience, honest communication, and flexibility.

Overview and Key Mindsets

Interview Readiness: Investment Placement Timeline: Flexibility Interview Prep: Asset Based Thinking  


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Become Interview Ready : Investment


Submit your cover letter and resume

Complete one hour interview prep with Amelia

Pass your certification Exams and record it in Formsite and upload your score report.

Corps members will be deemed "interview ready" after completing the above tasks in your formsite account.  Once you are interview ready, you will receive an email from Amelia.

Placement Timeline: Flexibility


FEB   1

Principals receive candidate profile access on February 1st. 

1/3 of corps members are typically hired before Induction in June, 1/3 are typically hired from Induction through Institute in July, and the remaining folks are hired after Institute before the first day of school. Corps members are updated monthly on placement progress via the corps member blast.

Testing and submitting documents on time helps your eligibility with more openings.


Feb.1 Principals receive candidate profiles

Feb.-Late May Phone and Skype Interviews

Induction Mass Interview Day

Institute Skype and Phone Interviews

July- August On Site Interviews

Offer Overview and Policy 


Offer Received! 

If you receive an offer during an interview, you should thank the interviewer and remind them that you need to connect with Teach For America before you can formally accept.  Once we confirm your eligibility, you can accept the offer!  This allows us to avoid any miscommunication. 

Acceptance Policy

We ask that you accept your offer if you do not receive a counter offer within 7 days.  This allows us to make sure positions are filled appropriately.  If you have concerns with an offer, we will try our best to accommodate. 

Before Interviews: -One on One prep with Amelia -Research the school and prepare questions -Test technology ahead of time

After Interviews: -One on One feedback with Amelia -Practice with a friend, fellow corps member -Stay Positive!  Most people are hired on their 3 interview


Interview Prep: Asset Based thinking


Q: How are interviews scheduled? A:  TFA staff schedules all first round interviews and communicates them directly to the corps member.  Once you move forward, you can schedule directly with the employer. Q: Do I have a choice in what school I interview at? A:  We consider fit where possible in the process.  Any concerns with the process you can address directly with Amelia. Q: When will I get my first interview? A: It is always difficult to predict exactly when someone will be interviewed.  1/3 of people will be hired by Induction, but some will not even interview until July.  We ask for communication and flexibility through this process.  If you are ever concerned on your placement path, please reach out to Amelia directly. Q: I didn't get hired on my first interview, is there something to be worried about? A: The average person interviews three times before getting an offer.  We try to give feedback when it is helpful and will tell you any constructive tips to improve your hiring potential.

Frequently Asked Questions

All questions can be direced to staff or Amelia directly.  Do not hesitate to reach out!  We are here to support you through this process!