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Collaboration Tools
Set-Up Tutorial
This website offers a number of ways to collaborate, share media and resources, and to work together in order to develop course materials for classroom presentation. Additionally it introduces a few new tools that can be very useful. Using these tools for collaboration requires a Google+ account. So, firstly, to use this site you need a Google account. Visit and click the "Create Account" text to create a Google account, it's best if this account is associated with your school or university account for better integration with Google Classroom. If you already have GMail set up, please proceed to the next step.
WEBSITE uses real-time collaboration with Google Hangouts, and also a spreadsheet system called SmartSheet Once logged in to you can also help to author pages and lesson plans by going to
The website has a few features:
Mobile Friendly Project Planning
Collaborative Web Log
Shared Lesson Plans and Course Materials
In order to collaborate with others using this site, you need to follow these steps, once you have a Google account created.
Join the Discussion By Commenting
Sign up for Google+
Download and sign into
Help Create and Moderate Lesson Materials
Connect on Social Media
Connect SmartSheet and Classroom
Work together in Real-Time
Linked with Google Drive
View Shared Materials
Download Templates
Develop Webinars and Materials
Share / Connect Project Resources
To Participate
Review Lesson Plans (
Comment on lesson plans and in discussion boards
Contribute new pages or comments to the web log
To Begin
Create your Google+ Space
Add [email protected] to Google+ Contacts
E-mail to join the project group and for authoring access.
Add your portfolio to the list of resources. Resources can be added to web log pages, to lesson plan pages on the larger site, and into project planning sheets on The types of resources to include are:
Teacher Resources
Guest Blog Posts
Video Media and Lessons (Teachertube, Youtube)
Expert Articles (Links to Citations)
Links to Outside Presentations
Blog Directories
Google Drive Links (Slides, Word Documents, .PDF)
Visible Teaching involves having content and activity visible to the larger community. Consider also adding spaces for your own creations on the following services:
As professionals we will continue to network using the resources presented to develop lesson plans and presentations that consistently create optimal student outcomes.
Over time, the collection of lesson plans and materials created will benefit future teachers who can then adapt and grow the existing resources to meet improved standards and accountability systems.
This presentation was developed using and embedded in the larger creation space. Please consider using this resource as you develop materials and plans with our group.