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Meet in Kenya,
Top 7 Meeting Trends In East Africa In 2017
1. 'Manel'-intolerance: In case you didn't know, 'manels' are panels comprising of an all male cast. While panel discussions are still a very popular means of delivering the conference agenda, manels may have dominated conferences for many years, but came under heavy bashing in 2016, with audiences in favour of a mixed gender cast. The more the women you can get on your panel, the better it would seem!
3. The 'I-Was-There' (and you weren't) Selfie: For many an attendee, getting away from the office for a day out networking at a conference is something they will want to share with friends and colleagues. And the trendiest way to do so is by posing for a selfie in-front of the conference branded booth or backdrop, and posting this on social media platforms. Some organisers go a step further and provide event-themed props for attendees to get creative with.
Forum on Internet Freedom in Africa 2016 (Photo:@GKembabazi)
Social Media Week Nairobi 2016  (Photo: @SMWiNairobi)
2. Meetings Al fresco: In a country like Kenya with a sunny climate through most of the year, visiting delegates (often from far away countries), no longer want to be stuck in and out of conference halls. Attendees want to be able to step outside for their meals & refreshments, get some fresh air whilst chatting with exhibitors, network under the stars or enjoy a gala dinner on the beach.
Are you planning the latest edition of your annual expo? Organising a regional or international conference? Perhaps you have been tasked with putting together your association's end of year conference? Read on and discover what's trending (and what's not) in 2017! Considering meeting in Kenya for the first time? See our top 10 reasons why Kenya is Africa's fastest growing meetings and conferences destination.
Make it Kenya
4. That Conference #Hashtag: Yes, that all important conference social media hash-tag is going no-where in 2017. In addition to selfies and live videos on periscope/instagram, attendees want to very much be a part of the live experience by to adding their thoughts, comments and feedback to the on-going meeting activities. Step it up a notch and broadcast attendee tweets on visuals in between sessions to encourage even more delegates to make use of it.
Social Media Week Nairobi 2016 (Photo: @danobura)
5. Wellness Curriculums At a two-or three day conference, inevitably, your attendees are bound to spend a lot of time sitting down listening through several presentations. To curb the negative effects associated with this activities like yoga mornings, mid-day stretch sessions and afternoon football or volleyball matches are becoming common place. During the latest edition of the Magical Kenya Travel Expo, attendees had the opportunity to join an early morning run alongside some of Kenya's great athletic champions!
6. Industry Field Trips: Seeing is believing, right? Instead of simply presenting delegates with case-studies on the latest industry innovations happening in-country, why not take them to go see it? Not only does this allow attendees to better immerse themselves in the workings of the sector, they additionally experience other key country aspects such as the infrastructure, people and culture. (Never mind the rain, here in Africa, blessings are said to come from rain).
Ecosystem Services Partnership (ESP) Africa Conference 2016
7. Motivational Masters: Bucking on the trend that meeting should be all-round enriching experiences and not just platforms for showcasing innovation or knowledge transfer, conferences are now dedicating time within their agendas for off-theme motivational talks. Delegates seem to be loving this too, with higher levels of engagement being reported during such inspirational sessions.
Dr W. Akinyemi speaking at the 11th Assoc. of Insurance Brokers of Kenya Conference 2016 (Photo: AIBKENYA)
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Top 7 Meeting Venues In Kenya In 2017
1. Safari Park Hotel: (Nairobi) Let your delegates connect in a tranquil, green & serene environment at one of Nairobi's larger venues, with excellent service and a range of meeting rooms.
2. The Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC): At the heart of the CBD, let your visitors experience a taste of the city bustle & take in one of Nairobi's most famous landmarks (including unrivalled rooftop city views) while meeting in the country's largest venue.
The Safari Park Hotel (Photo: Safari Park Hotel)
The 'Supermoon' phenomenon captured behind the KICC (Photo: @irungu_)
3. The Radisson Blu Hotel: (Nairobi) Set in the Upperhill business  district, let your attendees immerse themselves in the cosmopolitan ambience and sample exemplary menus at one of the capital's newest venues.
The Radisson Blu Hotel (Photo: Kaluhi's Kitchen)
4. Enashipai Resort: (Naivasha) Plunge your delegates into an unperturbed haven (with an award-winning spa) along the Great Rift Valley, surrounded by a stunning landscape and lakefront views.  
5. Acacia Premier Hotel: (Kisumu) In the heart of Kenya's western country, let your attendees take in the lakeside culture in one of Kenya's bigger cities, within a quiet and leafy venue straddling the shores of Lake Victoria.
Enashipai Resort & Spa (Photo: Enashipai Resort)
Acacia Premier Hotel (Pic: Silverbird Travel)
6. Vipingo Ridge Conference Centre: (Vipingo), Set within a prestigious golf resort along the Kenyan coast, let your visitors take-in scenic views, play golf on one of the region's top courses or take a stroll along the soft, white sandy beach.
Vipingo Ridge (Pic: Vipingo Ridge)
7. Pride Inn Paradise: (Mombasa) Located along the Shanzu beach in Kenya's second largest city, treat your delegates to a seaside affair in one of the county's largest and popular meeting spots.
Pride Inn Paradise Beach Resort (Photo: Pride Inn Paradise)
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