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"I am a Professional Development Leader (PDL) for the SEPUP 6th grade Earth and Space Science curriculum. Loyola University hosts monthly workshops for 6th grade teachers to experience a unit within the year-long curriculum. Last Saturday the topic was Earth in Space. We explored the day-night cycle, reasons for seasons, and tides and the moon, as well as provided hands-on investigations for the teachers, We also offered teacher tips and tricks to make the lessons go more smoothly in their classrooms."   -Sarah Tschaen
"It's called Leading with Algebra and it's a partnership between Depaul and the CPS Math Department to help middle school and high school math teachers keep up to date on the latest trends and research that affect their classroom. I am involed in the planning and presentation of the high school PD with 2 people from Depaul, 2 people from CPS math, and 2 other CPS math teachers. One of the other teachers is Marianna Jennings, a cohort 2 fellow. We identify issues in the district, create presentations to help address them, and then present quarterly to high school math teachers on a Saturday morning. We had 40 teachers at our first two meetings and 90 at our third!"  -Earl Johnson
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"I am part of an initiative called "Leading with Algebra."  It is a collaboration between DePaul University and Chicago Public Schools' Office of Mathematics.  I am part of a team that plans the high school professional learning communities' meetings.  The PLCs are open to any CPS high school math teacher - there were 77 in attendance at our last meeting in February! This year I have presented on adapting Formative Assessment Lessons (FAL) using technology and on teaching students to unpack graphs and charts in the SAT using a method called TOPIC.  TOPIC is an adaptation of the OPTIC method that is usually used in the arts.  TOPIC was conceived by a colleague of mine at Prosser who also happens to be a graduate of MSU!"   -Marianna Jennings
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