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Reading Challenge
25 Books in 12 Months
A favorite book from the past 5 years
A book someone recommended to you
One of the top 10 most checked out
A non-fiction title
A graphic novel
A book about a person you admire
An audiobook - see your librarian
A book that is known to be a tearjerker
A book you would recommend to someone
A book of historical fiction
A book set in your favorite season of the year
A novel that deals with diversity
A book that will become a movie this year
A book found on the current YALSA  reading lists
A book from our state's award list
A book published in 2017
A classic novel
A book recommended by your librarian
A science fiction novel (dystopian, etc)
A true-crime book
A short story collection
A book by a debut author
A retelling of a fairy tale, myth, or classic
A book on the ALA Banned Book list
A laugh-out-loud/funny book
Our Rules
1. No picture books
2.  Only one book is allowed to be a book you have read previously
3. Turn in your tracking sheet by Jan 31, 2018.
Resources: California Young Reader Medal YALSA Booklists
Body Text: Double click to edit
Body Text: Double click to edit
Modified and inspired  by Naomi Bates' Challenge                                                        by Joy Millam