School Libraries

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School Libraries Matter!!
Research shows that strong library media programs run by highly qualified media specialists are critical to improving student test scores, facilitating technology use in schools, and inspiring literacy. That same research shows library media specialists have an important role in teaching as well.
School library programs in K-12 schools have a significant impact on student achievement
Library Media Specialists who play an instructional role help their students achieve more. The more often students receive library & information literacy instruction from their Media Specialist, the higher their test scores are.
Teaching & Collaboration
Test scores increase as library media specialists spend more time:    ~Planning cooperatively with      teachers    ~ Identifying materials for teachers    ~ Teaching information literacy       skills to students,
11th grade ACT scores are highest when there is a high level of collaboration between library media specialists and classroom teachers in a wide range of activities.
Test scores increase when Library Media Specialists spend more time managing a computer network to reach beyond library walls and into classrooms, labs, and homes.
These higher scores are particularly linked to the number of computers in a school allowing students to access:
~ Media Center resources ~ licensed databases, and ~ Internet/World Wide Web
~ Print volumes per student ~ Periodical subscriptions per 100 students ~ Electronic reference titles per 100 students
Schools spend more money per 100 students on books, other print materials, and online databases.
It is important that the school library collection offer students a large number of materials in a variety of formats.
Reading test scores increase with increases in:
When North Carolina schools have newer books in their libraries, scores on standardized reading and English tests increase.
Test scores also increase when:
The size of a library's staff is just as important as the size of its collection. To have a strong media program, the school library must have adequate levels of staffing in relation to the school's enrollment.
In North Carolina, scores on standardized reading and English tests increased when libraries in the schools were open and staffed more hours of the day.
As Library Media Specialists spend more time training other teachers...
...and acquainting them with the rapidly changing world of information
Reading test scores...
Multiple studies show that reading test scores in a school increase with increases in library media expenditures per student.
This is true no matter how rich or poor a school community is.