B'more For Healthy Babies: 2016 Retrospective

published by tsuliman

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BHB Works!
B'more for Healthy Babies (BHB) brings together communities, organizations, and resources so that every baby might have the best start possible. We do this by working in ways that have a big impact on health and communities. And this works.
Since BHB began...
Infant mortality has hit a record low...
For the first time ever, it's in the single digits!
...and babies are sleeping safer than ever
13.5 per 1,000
8.4 per 1,000
The black IMR is down by nearly 50% from          
18.5 to 9.7
Sleep-related Infant Deaths
Pregnant women connected to services like home visiting and WIC – many because you filled out Prenatal Risk Assessment forms!
Baltimore moms featured in our new breastfeeding campaign
Our Ongoing Work for Baltimore's Families
Free cribs distributed to families
Zika kits distributed to pregnant women and women considering becoming pregnant – over 5,300 went out through you and other providers!
Amount donated by CareFirst through Orioles Healthy Walks. Every time an Orioles batter walked, CareFirst donated $50 to B'more for Healthy Babies
Women reached by B'more Fit since it began. The free weight loss program for new moms uses a trauma-informed approach and offers social support and parenting and stress management tips.
B'more for Healthy Babies Community Programs
Both programs began a participatory problem-solving process.
Their efforts have shown results:
B'more for Healthy Babies community programs in Patterson Park and Upton/Druid Heights continued their work to strengthen, educate, and empower families.
No sleep-related infant deaths in...
Patterson Park
1.5 years
Upton/Druid Heights
3 years
These will be the basis for creating collaborative program strategies and decisions. So far, each community has hosted 20 conversations.
Community Conversations
Communities are thriving in many ways already and their biggest assets are their residents.
Community Skills and Gifts
Families want to feel safe. Due to concerns about immigration, housing, violence, and lack of services for youth, many do not.
Comfort and Security
The programs have also continued:
Moms Clubs
Breastfeeding Support Groups
B'more Fit
Health Fairs and Events
The programs will use these insights to collaboratively inform BHB decisions and strategies.
Every baby counts on you!
A donation to BHB supports our vision for a future where all of Baltimore’s babies are born at a healthy weight, full-term, and ready to thrive in healthy families.