Payroll Hints

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Payroll Hints
How do I get paid?
Payroll Entry Deadline:
Monday after pay day @ 11:59 pm
Time Sheet Requirements:
Enter Your Hours Worked
Not time in/out
.00 .25 .5 .75
Leave a comment for a supervisor by double clicking on the day!
Employee ID
Supervisor Approval
Round to Quarter Hours
Dates Worked
Holiday hours are automatically entered. If you did not work on a holiday, DO NOT put any hours in.
You can only earn OT when you physically work over 40 hours in a week.
42 Hours
38 Hours
Week 1
40 Hours
40 Hours
Week 1
Week 2
FLSA Non-Exempt
Each week MUST have at least 40 hours
Week 2
There are Two Save buttons
Leave Balances
Pay Day
Save on Time Sheet and Save with Pop Up Window
Updated daily at noon for approved time.
Every other Friday
[email protected] or 801-538-3742