Event planning checklist

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THE                                                                              CHECKLIST
consists of these THREE steps:
      Have you designed your flier? Have you asked CAMERA for approval?       Does the flier have “free food” on it?       Have you advertised the event? Have you tweeted about it?       Have you made a Facebook event for the program you are planning?       Have you invited your school newspaper to cover the event?       Have you included CAMERA’s logo on the flier? If the event is hosted/presented by             CAMERA? Do both the flier and the Facebook event include the CAMERA logo?        Have you collaborated with other close-by CAMERA students to advertise and get a          large audience?       Have you asked professors to announce your event to their classes and offer extra-           credit for attendance?       Have you searched for co-sponsors?       Is your event on the campus calendar? Is your event on the Hillel calendar?         Did you make plans to table for your event?