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published by Sharon Dwyer

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2017 International Conference Topic Future Problem Solving Program International
Biosecurity is a worldwide, cross-border problem.
Environmental changes may exacerbate the problem by altering the range of habitats and upsetting the natural balance.
With the number of noxious pests, plant diseases, genetically modified crops, and displaced species increasing around the world, monitoring and controlling the movements across national borders is becoming increasingly difficult.
Equally difficult and a major concern is the implementation of measures to reduce the effect of these current issues on native flora and fauna as well as serious damage to exports.
Even though a number of countries have stringent safeguards in place already, smuggling or lack of knowledge makes policing biosecurity difficult.
Some countries have little or no policy for restricting the movement of plants and animals across borders.
Customs officers can make some positive impact, but they are limited by the constraints of their job and the porous nature of many borders.
What seems like necessary safeguards to some are seen as unnecessary constraints on trade and economic growth to others.
How might development in new technologies assist in regulating and monitoring biosecurity issues?
How can countries cooperate with each other in dealing with cross-border contamination?