Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs | January 2017

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The exchange Programme for entrepreneurs initiated by the EU to stimulate entrepreneurship and cross-border trade in Europe
Since its launch in 2009, the mobility scheme has seen a steady increase in the number of applications, with 15,296 registrations received up to now. New entrepreneurs(NEs) represent 61% (9,271) of the profiles received, whereas host entrepreneurs (HEs) make 39% (6,025) applications. Italy is the most represented country with 3,016  (20%) of applications received (NEs and HEs). Spain supports the second highest number of applications received - 2,961 (19%), closely followed by United Kingdom- 1,059 (7%), Germany-867 (6%) France- 652 (4%) and Romania 644 (4%) .
January 2017
Majority of accepted NEs comes from:
Evolution of registrations per year
12,962 is the number of entrepreneurs who have successfully been accepted for the programme. This number represents 85% of the total amount of applications received. Accepted applicants are divided in two: new entrepreneurs with 8,080 (62%) profiles and host entrepreneurs (experienced entrepreneurs) with 4,882 (38%).
Majority of accepted HEs comes from:
Registrations Per country
Evolution of  accepted registrations per year
Distribution by gender (NEs)
Distribution by gender (HEs)
New Entrepreneurs
Host Entrepreneurs
Promotion & media (14%)
Tourism (8%)
ICT (8%)
Architecture (9%)
Education Services (9%)
Food (4%)
Entertainment (8%)
Consultancy (8%)
Personal Services (3%)
Clothing (3%)
Distribution and Retail (2%)
R&D (2%)
Health (2%)
Social Economy (3%)
Agriculture (3%)
Craft (2%)
Organic/Bio (2%)
Construction (2%)
Enrgy (2%)
Transport (1%)
Finance (1%)
Medical products (1%)
Distribution by sector of activity (NEs and HEs)
Since its launch in 2009, 4,520 exchanges have been established, involving new and experienced entrepreneurs from across the EU Member States and the participating countries part of the COSME programme. Out of these exchanges, 413 matches are ready to start or ongoing, and 4,107 have been completed.
Evolution of mobilities per year
Since the begining of the programme, Italy remains the most represented country with 1071 new entrepreneurs leaving for another country. Spain supports the second highest number of new entrepreneurs going abroad- 818, followed by Romania- 292, Poland- 237, and  Germany- 197.
Most represented countries (NEs)
The most popular destination among new entrepreneurs is Spain, which received 764 new entrepreneurs, followed by Italy- 614, United Kingdom- 594, Germany- 506, and Belgium-340.
Most popular destinations
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NEs sent aborad
Top destination countries
NEs sent abroad by country
Number of accepted entrepreneurs