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Five Takeaways from PIL
What can we learn about how college students seek information?
Frustrations with Research
Finding Sources
Efficiency and Predictabiliy
Day After Graduation
The majority of students say research is more difficult for them than ever before.
Nearly all students use a small compass to navigate the complex campus information landscape.
Most students use a risk-averse and consistent strategy and rely on a “tried and true” approach.
Recent graduates find they are unprepared once they need to solve information problems in the workplace.
Takeaway #1
Takeaway #2
Takeaway #3
Takeaway #5
Library as Refuge
Students rely on libraries as a quiet place where they can be productive and unplug from IT devices.
Takeaway #4
Say defining a topic
is most difficult
Don't ask
librarians for help
Go to Wikipedia
to obtain background
Created By: Kirsten Hostetler
Since 2008, PIL has surveyed 11,000 students from 57 US colleges and universities