EITI Validation process EN 2017

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Overview of EITI Validation
A four step process
Prepare for Validation
Prior to the commencement of Validation, the MSG is encouraged to undertake a self-assessment of adherence to the EITI Standard. A guidance note is available:
Step  1
The National Secretariat collates the documentation, including MSG minutes Stakeholders are invited to prepare any other documentation
Board review
Independent Validation
Step 4
Step 3
Step  2
Data collection and stakeholder consultation
Details on each steps
The MSG is invited to comment on the draft Validation Report.
Desk review including stakeholder consultation Country visit including stakeholder consultation An initial assessment of progress against requirements
Reviews the International Secretariat’s initial assessment of compliance with the Validation Guide Spot checks and additional consultation, as needed Prepares a draft Validation Report
Validation Committee (VC) reviews the final  Validation Report and supporting documentation EITI Board takes final decision on the country's progress towards compliance
International Secretariat
Independent Validator
EITI Board
Who is in charge of each step?
Having considered the MSG's comments, the Validator compiles a final Validation Report
Role of the National Secretariat and MSG
Respond to any corrective actions established by the Board The MSG may also appeal the Board’s decision as per requirement 8.8.
Respond to requests for confirmation and clarification, and provide additional information as requested Provide comments on the draft Validation Report The Validator will inform the MSG on how their comments were addressed in the final Validation Report
Help ensure that all interested stakeholders are informed about the process Encourage stakeholders to contribute through interviews and/or written submissions Receive a copy of the initial assessment report
Validation schedule
Max: 12 weeks
Max: 8 weeks
Maximum period for each step, subject to discussion with the MSG
Step 1
Data collection and stakeholder consultation
Board review
Independent Validation
Step 3
Step 2
Deliverable for each step
Validation Report
Decision by the International Board
Initial assessment
Recommendations for MSGs
The EITI will ensure appropriate protocols to ensure that stakeholders are able to freely express their views and that requests for confidentially are respected.
Extension requests
Complete work before Validation commences
Must be endorsed by the MSG and be submitted prior to the commencement of Validation.
Without prejudice to the ability of the Board to exercise their discretion to consider all available evidence, the Validation procedures specify that Validation “should not take into account actions undertaken after the commencement of Validation”.
Written submissions
Stakeholders are encouraged to prepare written submissions which can be made available to the Secretariat, Validator and the EITI Board.
Overview of Validation: Validation schedule and decisions: Validation Procedures: Validation Guide: Validation guidance note:
Further documentation and guidance